“I have met Renate (The Interview) at a CV workshop hosted in partnership with City Business Library in the City. During our first session, Renate designed an Action Plan that she asked me to follow. She helped me stay on track through her weekly accountability system, built a strong profile and an impeccable CV.Her expertise played a pivotal role. A week into following her plan (I took The Interview’s Silver package) I started receiving calls directly from employers. I was overwhelmed by the attention my CV was getting. I had my mock interview session with Renate before I saw the legal practice that invited me for a real interview and with her help I made it to the final stage. She gave me invaluable interview feedback and helped me understand where I was going wrong. Nobody has given me that much clarity before. I saw Renate again the day before the final interview and she helped me defend really tough interview questions and my confidence in answering became apparent. Within 6 weeks from my initial encounter with Renate here I am in a new role, paying a much higher salary and loving it! Before I took the service I was worried about pricing, however having been through this process I found her packages very reasonable for the value I have received (my career transformation and increased earnings). The Interview allows monthly instalments as an option. For those of you who are worried about change, just see Renate for a consultation, she helped me enormously. Will definitely recommend The Interview to anyone and I have already sent 2 of my friends across to get Renate’s help.”
Rebecca Lastra – Office Manager

At the time I met Renate I have been looking for a job for 2 months. As a result of taking up the Silver Plus Package with The Interview I have found this very useful. Our CV session really helped me increase the frequency of calls dramatically. Renate’s positive approach and step-by-step method gave me the motivation and showed me a clear path. Her action plan allowed me to dedicate time for an effective job search through a weekly accountability system. I am now working at an FMCG company and looking forward to further career development sessions with Renate.

I met Renate when I was searching for a new job and wasn’t feeling confident about building senior stakeholder relationships or attending interviews with senior stakeholders. I then took the Gold Package to help me find a more senior role. Renate and I spent time building my LinkedIn profile, enhancing my relationship building skills, rehearsing competency based interview & salary negotiation techniques. She helped me understand communication styles of interviewers through awareness of body language and presentation skills. I approached interviews with a different attitude. I was actually able to relax and feel confident during the interview process. Following her interview prep session, I was able to go through feedback with Renate. She explained how I can improve on the next opportunity. She was always reassuring and gave very insightful, practical advice which allowed me to be myself. I found a role that I very much enjoy. I highly recommend Renate for her energy and enthusiasm; always for being engaged in what I was aiming to achieve. Thank you! 

“I have met Renate at one of her events and at the time I was working in a role that I didn’t enjoy. After a career consultation I took on her Silver package and followed The Interview weekly action plan. Within 6 weeks of my initial consultation, she helped write my CV professionally, we had a competency based interview and a specialist career session tailored to my needs.  I secured my current role and negotiated a much higher salary with her continuous help & career development expertise.  I would definitely recommend The Interview to those seeking to enhance their career, increase salary or looking for a better role.” 

With the help of Renate and her interview coaching I gained confidence and valuable skills in an interview environment. Renate helped me to focus on my current skills, what I enjoy doing and creating a career with a future that would get me further in life.

I learnt how to sell myself and my skills to an employer and make myself stand out from other applicants.  Renate equipped me with the tools I needed to answer competency and value based interview questions effectively.

I was also very impressed with the way she kept in contact and followed up throughout the process. Her support and enthusiasm enabled me to land my dream job.

“Thank you for the excellent session Renate! Everyone enjoyed it. Will definitely keep you in mind for future (facilitative) interview sessions.”

 “Renate has helped me increase my salary by 60% within 3 months after taking up her package, where she helped me rewrite my CV in a more professional manner in line with the job I was applying for” 

“I’ve received an excellent CV writing and interview prep service from Renate. She went the extra mile by meeting me at short notice before an interview with Barclays I had booked for the following morning and helped me to write a very good CV. As a result I have been offered the job and I now work as part of their Investment Banking division in Canary Wharf. Renate is a caring and positive person and it does show in her work. I would recommend the Interview packages to anyone thinking about the next move in their career.” 

 “I have worked with Renate on joint projects at CBL, successfully helping many people in their search for work or a change of career. She has run tailored workshops for Job Clubs held here and has proved extremely popular as she has helped so many people. She has a great skill of focusing on the needs of each individual, ensuring they feel recognised and valued. She really brings out the best in them. Renate’s energy and positive approach to work inspires all those around her. She has a deep passion for helping people. She is a natural and excellent networker, introducing relevant organisations and individuals to us. This helps to maximise everyone’s potential for business and career development. Renate is a consummate professional and has many innovative ideas. It is always a pleasure to work with her

When I started sending out my CVs to various companies, I didn’t realise how naive I was in regards to recent job market trends in the digital age. I genuinely thought that as long as I have solid work experience and confidence, I won’t have too much difficulty to find a new job. Then I realised I was wrong. I was lacking the skill of successfully presenting my key strengths with clarity. That’s when I contacted Renate back in 2014. I remember her as a confident and positive professional lady full of determination. After taking the Silver Plus option (a year later) with The Interview. Our sessions not only boosted my confidence level but also helped me enhance my interview performance. About a month later, I have landed a role with a top ratings & research company in Canary Wharf. I’m so glad I chose The Interview. I’ll be more than happy to ask Renate to be my long term career adviser. Thank you

“I work as a Procurement Consultant and had a meeting with Renate to seek some advice on landing a job in the Management Consultancy industry. She reviewed my CV against a particular job specification I was interested in and that I had provided her with. Renate subsequently suggested some amendments to my CV which I have then implemented. We discussed the interview process and she was able to provide some useful insight into the key aspects that the company would be focusing on and how I could ensure I could give the best account of myself. Her strong communication skills and detailed feedback throughout the process were much appreciated and her support was a contributing factor into receiving an offer from one of the Big 4.”

“Renate was a great host and very informative regarding the ‘interview’ process. I will definitely apply her tips and advice to future interviews. I loved tower 42 and the complimentary water, pen and chocolates as well as it gave the event a special touch. Thanks Renate”

I was Renate’s client for the Silver package and she helped me build my confidence and get a new job at University of London. Renate’s help was valuable to improve my CV and get the best chance for the job I really wanted. Thank you Renate & The Interview! Wishing you the best of luck and hope you help many more people as you are very passionate about what you do! Lidiane Barker, ACCA Nov 2016

“Having taken The Interview ‘s Platinum package with the view to start up and build my own business this year I have found it incredibly useful. Renate is very professional, her expertise really comes across and she has helped me build my strategy and stay on track. She actually measured  my progress by using a very useful tool to monitor & track progress. It’s called “weekly accountability. Since taking up the service 6 months ago, I  have attracted and successfully retained  a team of 7 people now running the business with me helping me to grow, develop and expand even further. Would DEFINITELY recommend The Interview to anyone looking to start their own business and would like to take the opportunity to thank you Renate and The Interview!”

I found Renate’s service very useful because she provides:
  • Clear and coherent structure in my CV in order to present the most relevant information first, for example: Create a special section with, KEY ACHIEVEMENTS instead of general skills. Also, she included relevant descriptions under each role. 
  • Practical and pragmatic information to highlight my legal background
  • Precise concepts and specific skills are now standing our from my CV instead of generic data, for example: “…Fast and accurate typing speed…” .Typing speed 100 words per min with 95% accuracy.” 
  • Friendly, supportive and professional always available to provide advice by email, phone and face to face.
Definitely I will recommend your service 100% to someone else!