6 – 12 Week Programme including:

Career Consultation session

⇒ CV evaluation & feedback

⇒ Professionally written CV & Cover Letter to suit your next job

⇒ Personalised ACTION plan designed for your next role

⇒ WEEKLY accountability review to monitor progress

⇒ Competency based interview against chosen job description to suit your next roles

⇒ Interview skills feedback

⇒ Personal development plan for future progress


⇒ 1 x Personal Branding Session – Creating your LinkedIn profile and market your USP (Unique Selling Point) based on your top 5 strengths

⇒ Gallup accredited strengths report* Psychometric skills-based assessment, profile report & ideas for action

Gallup accredited strengths report* is a 20 min online multiple choice test which you came take at your leisure. The results are sent to you as a report within 7 working days. This provides a detailed breakdown of your key capabilities to help you understand your top 5 STRENGTHS.