Is there anything in particular you’d like to change in your life? Most of us find that although we’d like to implement change, we don’t know where to start. As a result, we post-pone it. Classic example is with starting a new diet or exercise routine (most people say “I’ll start on Monday”). Yet, that Monday never comes… In oder to create lasting change in your life there are 5 simple steps you can start following right now:

Decide what you want to change

Focus on only 1 thing you want to change and write it down. Now, write a list of reasons WHY the change is important to you. What would it mean long term if you don’t change? What would your life look like 5-10 years from now if you continue doing what you are currently doing? For instance, if you want to lose weight because you think you are overweight or feeling unattractive think of WHY is it important to address the issue right NOW? If you continue eating at the same rate and not exercising enough for the next 10 years what would your weight be? How would you feel?

Start small

Choose 1 very small action that will get you a little closer to your goal. I tried the weight loss myself and for years nothing worked. I love carbs and tasty food (who doesn’t?)  but I realised that unless I do something I’ll have to continue to wear loose dresses or black tights in the summer. So, because I hated the way I felt every time I wore a bikini I started to read about nutrition. I’ve learnt that 70% of weight loss success is due to a good diet and only 30% due to exercise. A-HA! This explains why although I’ve been killing myself in the gym I ended up eating more, therefore not losing weight. So I started introducing a small change: eat just 2 pieces of fruit for breakfast every day for 21 days. Once that habit got set I stopped my Pret a Manger baguettes or sandwiches for lunch (from 4 times a week to every other day). Now, you’ll notice this was a gradual change, not drastic. Starving myself didn’t work because I could not sustain it. I don’t believe in diets because I always feel hungry therefore this new technique has helped me drop a size in 6 months. It’s all about consistency! So, what’s a small step you can implement towards your goal? What can you change as of TODAY?

Make your new ACTION a habit

Whatever that new action you’ve taken to get you closer to your goal, keep at it every day, until it becomes part of your life. If you stick to it for a long enough period of time you are guaranteed to get positive results and even better, start enjoying it. You see, there is a certain feeling of accomplishment when you say no to that desert or resist the temptation to go shopping and save your money instead. Create a holiday account and save it in there. Think about the fabulous time you’re going to have, away in the sunshine with a fully paid for holiday and some extra money to treat yourself to a massage, excursion or whatever other treat you enjoy abroad.

Celebrate your success

Make it part of the experience to have a small treat after each week of successful completion of your new change habit. Whether it’s a cinema experience, a frapuccino or a new top, whatever it is keep it small but also keep celebrating it. This way you will have something to look forward to, a weekly reward and a sense of accomplishment.

Track & measure your progress regularly

Change is only truly great if it’s long-lasting. So, to ensure you are on the right path, why not decide to measure your success once a month for instance on the 1st of each month? You can choose any date that works for you and set the wheels in motion.

I truly hope this 5 step method encourages you to get started. Just imagine where you are going to be a month from now, a year or 5 years from now if you start NOW. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pen, write it down and MAKE A START!

To Your Success,